Liberty Fellowship 10th Anniversary Celebration
January 22-24, 2021


We invite all of our online LF family to join us for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join with the local LF family for this historic milestone and celebration. This will be 3 days of spiritual fellowship with people from all over America (and even some foreign countries, no doubt) who love CHRIST, TRUTH and LIBERTY. 

The winters in NW Montana can be severe, but usually aren't, and the views of the Rocky Mountain landscape are spectacular. And for those who like to snow ski, our area hosts a world-class—and one of the top ten largest ski resorts in the U.S.—Big Mountain Ski Resort. 

We also encourage everyone to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, where our festivities will be conducted. Not only will staying at the Hilton be extremely convenient but it will also serve as an act of appreciation for the way the Hilton management stood strong for the 1st Amendment liberties of Liberty Fellowship during the "lockdown," when our enemies were placing intense pressure on them to force us to stop meeting there. Plus, the Hilton is giving LF's guests their BEST discounted rate as an encouragment to stay with them. 


Event Schedule


  • Friday Evening, January 22, 2021 — Private Banquet for LF's local and online family

  • Saturday Afternoon, January 23, 2021 — Special Program (details coming soon)

  • Sunday Afternoon, January 24, 2021 — Official Liberty Fellowship 10th Anniversary Celebration


Hilton Garden Inn


To book your reservations for our 10th Anniversary Celebration, call 406-756-4500 and give them this code: LF0121.

Or you can book your reservation online here and use the same code: LF0121.

Be sure to use the code, as this will automatically apply the special discount for this event. 


*Watch this page as details develop. 


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