Local Access TV Stations

Below you will find some of the local access TV stations throughout the country that are airing messages from Liberty Fellowship.

If you would like more information on how to air the Liberty Fellowship messages on your local access station, please contact us.

If you are working with the local access station in your area and getting our messages broadcasted, please send us the station details by clicking here.


Current Broadcasts:


Schenectady, NY (covers the greater Albany, NY, area and outward)

  • Spectrum, TV Public Access Channel 1301
  • Every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm Eastern


North Providence, RI


  • Cox Channel 14
  • Verizon Channel 33
  • Wednesdays 9pm-10pm Eastern


  • Cox Channel 18 (Providence and North Providence)
  • Verizon Channel 38 (Anywhere in Rhode Island with Verizon)
  • Mondays 7pm-8pm Eastern
  • Fridays 12pm-1pm Eastern


Spokane, WA

  • Comcast Channel 14 Public Access Television
  • Every Sunday at 7:00pm Pacific


Gillette, WY

  • Gillette Public Access TV Channel 190
  • Every Sunday at 3:00am Mountain
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