Liberty Fellowship Organization and Beliefs of Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is the Founder of all things Liberty Fellowship. Liberty Fellowship (LF) is an independent, unorganized, unincorporated, nondenominational, non-501(c)(3), private Christian fellowship and is not a non-profit organization (NPO) or association and, therefore, is NOT tax-exempt.

The true church is a spiritual organism not a human organization. Before 1954, churches were recognized by the state as being spiritual entities belonging to God and were, therefore, tax-immune. In 1954, churches were brought under the IRC 501(c)(3), which made them NPOs. This means that NPO churches are creatures of the state, hence, they are not tax-immune, but tax exempt. In other words, the state claims that they owe taxes to the state, but the state is granting them an exemption due to their non-profit status—a privilege that can be revoked.

You see, along with the "privilege" of being tax-exempt comes rules and restrictions as to what the NPO can and cannot say and do. This is a major reason why modern "churches" will not get involved in the affairs of state: They are afraid of violating a restriction of their NPO status and, thus, endanger their tax-exemption.

Accordingly, LF is not organized as an IRS-defined "church." LF has no boards or committees, no membership roll, no ownership of property, no denominational ties or by-laws. This means there are no NPO-related restrictions upon Dr. Baldwin's preaching or political activities or upon LF as a private fellowship.

What follows are the theological, constitutional and civil beliefs taught by Dr. Chuck Baldwin (DCB):

DCB stands for the divine inspiration of the Holy Bible. And he only uses the King James Version (KJV).

DCB stands for the deity and redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

* That Jesus was born of a virgin
* That He lived a sinless life
* That He died a substitutionary, vicarious death on the cross for our sins
* That He rose physically and bodily from the grave
* That His death and resurrection completely fulfilled and abolished the Old Covenant
* That He ascended to the Father where He sits on the throne of power and authority ruling over His spiritual Kingdom: the Church.
* That He is coming again to abolish all of the forces of evil and establish a new heaven and new earth for the New Jerusalem saints.

DCB believes that salvation is by grace through faith, minus and plus nothing. He vehemently rejects works salvation—i.e., water baptism, sign gifts, church membership, keeping the Old Testament law, obeying the Golden Ruleas a means of obtaining or keeping salvation.

DCB believes in the triune Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

DCB believes that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman. Accordingly, Dr. Baldwin will NOT officiate at any marriage ceremony between same-sex couples. And in light of the June 26, 2015, Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriagewhich thereby attempts to redefine traditional marriageand in light of the fact that Biblical marriage is not merely a civil contract but a divine institution given by our Creator, and henceforth, completely outside the jurisdiction of civil government, Dr. Baldwin will not officiate at any marriage ceremonyhomosexual or heterosexualinvolving a state marriage license. The State of Montana is one of only a handful of states that does not require a state marriage license in order for couples to be lawfully wed. This is the way it should be everywhere.

DCB believes life begins at conception and will support lawful efforts in and out of politics and the courts with the goal of ending legalized abortion.

DCB stands for the Biblical Natural Law principles that govern every individual, State and nation—including the Natural Law principles of Religious and individual Liberty, the freedom of worship without state interference and the right of self-defense. Therefore, he adamently supports the First, Second and Fourth Amendments to our U.S. Constitutionalong with the rest of our Bill of Rights.

DCB is persuaded by Biblical and Natural Law that healthcare is a personal, individual Right. He finds mandatory vaccinations to be a blatant violation of our Natural rights and Biblical responsibilities. Furthermore, according to v-safe data, 22 million Americans have been injured by the COVID shot, and according to Steve Kirsch, almost 2 million Americans have been disabled and 640,000 Americans have been killed by the Covid shotPlus, by the laws of Nature given to us by our Creator, government or corporate-mandated healthcare is by definition tyrannical. It is our Biblical duty to submit to God alone in matters of faith and conscience. Our personal healthcare is as private as our spiritual care. DCB refuses to take the Covid vaccinations on the basis that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and as a matter of faith, conscience and personal healthcare responsibility. 

DCB opposes Socialism, Neoconism and Zionism. He does not believe that the modern Zionist State of Israel represents either historical (Biblical) Israel or prophetic Israel. And he rejects Scofieldism and dispensational futurism. 

DCB stands with Scripture that civil government is ordained of God. He enthusiastically submits to lawful civil government. And he holds the positions of constitutional government in the highest esteem and heeds the command of Scripture to pray for those in positions of government. For example, DCB was given the title (and he has the credentials to prove it) of "Honorary Deputy Sheriff" by Escambia County, Florida, Sheriff Ron McNesby for his leadership in supporting the efforts of the Escambia County Sheriff's office in maintaining law and order. He was twice honored as "Minister of The Day" by the Florida State House of Representatives and by the Florida State Senate. Dr. Baldwin has had personal audiences with numerous State governors, U.S. congressmen and U.S. senatorsas well as with President Ronald Reagan and then-Vice President George H.W. Bush. DCB also counts several judges as personal friends. Any charge of "anti-government extremism" against DCB from people and organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Buzzfeed, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Human Rights Network (HRN), etc., is completely unfounded and untruthful.

DCB does not know racial division. Asians, Indians, Hispanics, Blacks and Caucasians, including several mixed-raced families, all assemble together under DCB's teaching. Any accusation of racism against DCB (from the organizations listed in the above paragraph or anyone else) is complete balderdash. See this relevant page: 

DCB supports the independence and sovereignty of the State of Montana; he pledges no allegiance to any "New World Order" or facsimile thereof; he will not accept or submit to any attempt to establish a Police State or abridge our freedoms and liberties protected by the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Natural Law. 

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