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Liberty Fellowship is growing both nationally and internationally in a big way. God is good and the Spirit is moving people to rediscover the Principles of Liberty as laid out in scripture faster than ever creating a hunger and thirst for Spirit inspired instruction and teaching. Dr. Baldwin and the Liberty Fellowship community strive to provide resources and tools to fill the demand and can be referenced throughout this website by the links below.

If there is anything God is leading you towards whether relocating to the Flathead Valley here in Montana, or more information and educational tools to aid in you or your own families life, please use our Easy Contact Form we love hearing from you.

Relocate to Kalispell, Montana and Liberty Fellowship

Relocating to Kalispell, Montana?

If you are thinking about or plan to move to the Flathead Valley of Montana to be apart of Liberty Fellowship, we absolutely want to know. Please Contact Us and we will email you a "Relocation Packet" with helpful information about the Flathead Valley.

Join the Liberty Fellowship Live Stream Every Sunday 2:30pm MST

Live Sermon Streams Every Sunday

Liberty Fellowship gathers every Sunday, and a Live Stream of Chuck's weekly message can be found here at 2:30 MST


Find Group Live Stream Hosts of Liberty Fellowship Sermons

Find Live Stream Hosts and Groups

People all over the country are gathering together in homes and facilities to watch Chuck deliver weekly sermons. If you would like to find out if there is a group in your area or would like to host one yourself please Click Here for details.

Second Amendment Pastors List

View the Second Amendment Pastors List

Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship calls for pastors throughout the United States to make a public statement from the pulpit supporting the Right to Bear Arms. All pastors who are bold enough to tell their congregation to not register and to not turn in ANY of their guns are encouraged to add their name and church to our list of pastors who fully support the Second Amendment.

Click Here to view or sign the list.