Liberty Fellowship Mission Statement:

Founded in January, 2011, Liberty Fellowship (LF) is an independent, unorganized, unincorporated, nondenominational, non 501c3 private Christian fellowship--meaning LF is NOT a non-profit organization and, therefore, is NOT tax-exempt. 

As such, Liberty Fellowship is a free agent of God, and works tirelessly instructing the spiritual Body of Christian believers in the Principles of Liberty and Freedom as laid out and expressed in Natural and Revealed Law. Our sole mission is to be a light to all People, guiding them to redemption through Jesus Christ and instructing them in the historic Natural Law principles that begat our great nation.

God has blessed this work with an international voice that we take very seriously, knowing full well that forces seek to silence Biblical Liberty Principles from being taught. This simply means  that it is with great honor and humility that we continue to strive toward the goal of Freedom and Liberty for all Mankind and ultimately salvation in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our prayer is you will choose the Liberty that God has offered to each of us through Jesus Christ and join with us each Sunday at approximately 2:30 pm Mountain Time. 


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