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Dr. Chuck Baldwin Liberty Fellowship Kalispell, Montana


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About Visiting Liberty Fellowship

The Hilton Garden Inn is offering a substantial discount to everyone visiting Liberty Fellowship. The Hilton Conference Center is where Liberty Fellowship meets each Sunday afternoon--and it is where all of our activities for our 10th Anniversary celebration will be conducted--so it would be very convenient for attending the fellowship if you stay at the Hilton. Plus, your staying at the Hilton will further strengthen the relationship we have with the hotel.  

Please contact the Hilton Garden Inn, tell them you are visiting Liberty Fellowship, and they will give you their very best discounted rate. 

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel
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Phone Number: 406-756-4500 
Address: 1840 US Hwy 93 S., Kalispell, MT 59901

Liberty Fellowship meets each Sunday at 2pm at the Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center.