The Great Divide Has Begun

This Bible Study was given by Pastor Chuck Baldwin on Wednesday, July 8, 2020, at Liberty Fellowship.

Scripture Texts: John 7:40 - 43; 9:16; 10:19; Luke 12:51 - 53

Jesus breaks down the racial, ethnic, national, political and religious divisions of man and unifies all who come to the saving grace of Christ. Indeed, we are "one in Christ."

At the same time, however, Christ divides those who reject His truths. Division mostly centers on the acceptance of Christ's truths on the one hand and the rejection of Christ's truths on the other hand. Those who hate Christ's truths also hate those who embrace Christ's truths.

In this message, Pastor Baldwin shows how great divisions over Christ's truths usually precipitates a great work of God in providing future peace and unity.

The Early Church was born in a baptism of deep division and hatred. The great Protestant Reformation would not have happened without the division and hatred of the Dark Ages. The Great Awakening in Colonial America took place during a time of great division and oppression against Christ's Laws of Liberty, which resulted in the birth of our great country.

Accordingly, America is now being torn asunder by forces that have rejected God's truths. At the same time, people loyal to God's truths are being set apart for God's Will. The great divide has begun.

This portends great challenge and trial for people loyal to Christ's Word in the short term, but in the long term, in portends a great moving of God on their behalf.

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John, John 7, Division, Divide

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