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"Whom Resist"

This message was preached by Pastor Chuck Baldwin on Sunday, August 16, 2020, during the service at Liberty Fellowship.

Scripture Text: I Peter 5:8, 9

The attack of the "New Normals" is a direct assault against our Liberty, and as such, is a direct assault against our Faith.

In this message, Pastor Baldwin shows how true Liberty is a gift of God, not the work of men. Therefore, the assaults against our liberties that now rage in our country (and world) are primarily SPIRITUAL attacks. As such, the only successful resistance is spiritual in nature.

Accordingly, Pastor Baldwin lists four of the main weapons that the Evil One is using against us and how the Church is often unequipped to properly resist.

The four weapons from Satan's arsenal that Pastor Baldwin describes are:

1. False doctrines that supplant Christ's authority over our eternal and temporal salvation.

2. The promotion of anarchy, which is contrary to the laws of God.

3. The Spirit of Party that has almost universally enveloped the Church.

4. Not seeing the Big Picture of how Zionism is a curse on America (and the world) and how Christian Zionists are, in fact, in a state of spiritual blindness and are--as were the Galatian Christians--also in a state of spiritual bondage.

This is a POWERFUL message! Many people who watched it live said this might be Pastor Baldwin's MOST POWERFUL message to date.

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1 Peter, 1 Peter 5, New Normal, Zionism, Anarchy, Party Politics, False Doctrines

Sermons :: 2536 Views :: Published on Sunday, August 16, 2020


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